Were can I buy the Balanduino?

The Balanduino kits and mainboards are available for purchase on our website: Buy Now

Please be aware of non-genuine Balanduino main boards and kits out there. The only place to buy the Balanduino kits and main boards at the moment are from this website ONLY!

Where is the source code for the main board?

The source code is available at the following Github repository.
For more information visit the Getting Started page.

What open source license is the Balanduino released under?

The software is released under the GNU General Public License, while the PCB and mechanical drawings is available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Can I use the Balanduino Main Board to control a large-scale balancing robot?

Yes you can, but you might have to add your own larger motor controllers depending on the size of your motors.

The motor controllers on the main board are only capable of handling up to 8A of continuous current, so if you are using the on-board controllers you will be limited to that.

All the motor controller pins (Enable, PWM, A and B) are available on solder pads for your own customization.

You can then easily connect a larger H-bridge motor controller (many Amps) and use any DC motor you like.

How many free IO lines do the mainboard have?

The Balanduino mainboard has 14 IO lines, where 5 of these are Analog Inputs, 4 is PWM outputs, 1 is interrupt, 2 can be used for UART and finally 2 can be used for extra I2C devices.