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Sales history

The Balanduino project has received great support, both throughout the Kickstarter period and afterwards - more than we would ever have imagined. For a long period of time our users has been able to pre-order a kit thru our website and reserve a kit within a limited timeframe.

Where can I buy the Balanduino?

Due to all the great support we have now decided to open up for direct "Buy now" ordering, which makes it possible for our customers to complete the purchase and checkout immediately and afterwards getting their kit shipped within a week. At the moment it is possible to buy the kit directly from us and get it shipped from either Denmark (Europe) or from our warehouse in China via our manufacturing partner SeeedStudio.
Be aware of Non-genuine kits and main boards
Recently we have discovered a number of online resellers carrying the Balanduino DIY kit and Balanduino main board at a reduced price compared to ours. These sellers doesn't carry the genuine kits and boards why the functionality can't be guaranteed and support won't be offered.
Please notice that the only place to buy the Balanduino kits and main boards at the moment are from this website ONLY!

Product types

  • $320 USD - Full Balanduino Kit (SOLD OUT)
    • Complete kit with all you need to get started.
    • Get the complete Balanduino kit including the controller board, Bluetooth dongle, two geared motors with encoders, wheels, hubs, a 4200mAh 3S LiPo battery and charger and the mechanical structure as shown in the video.

  • $250 USD - DIY Balanduino Kit (SOLD OUT)
    • DIY-mechanical version of the complete Balanduino kit.
    • Get the complete Balanduino kit except for the battery, charger and the mechanical structure. In this case you are free to design and build your robot as you like. The included items are the controller board, Bluetooth dongle, two geared motors with encoders, wheels and hubs.

  • $140 USD - Balanduino main board
    • Balanduino main board only.
    • Get the Balanduino main board for use with your own balancing robot construction of motors, battery and mechanical structure.

To start the ordering process please fill out the formula below, whereafter you will be given the option of selecting the product of choice.

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