About us

Who We Are

Balanduino is developed and maintained under TKJ Electronics , a company with a team of two persons, Thomas Jespersen and Kristian Lauszus. TKJ Electronics was founded by Thomas back in 2009 and not soon after Kristian joined.

As an electronics consultancy company we have a great experience with microcontrollers, ARM processors and embedded system development in general. We both do our own project and publish them on our blog, but we also work with larger companies to develop a specific solutions according to their demands.

How it all started

The Balanduino project started back in March 2012 when Kristian posted a blog post about his balancing robot which he had been working with part time.
Very quickly it became one of the top visited and commented pages on our blog and we realised the surprisingly large amount of requests from people asking how to get or build a balancing robot easy and cheap.

Kristian continued to work on the project part time, improving the performance and adding other functionalities like Android control via Bluetooth. He ended up working on the project for almost a year before we decided to launch a Kickstarter to really see the demand and interest.

Before the launch of the Kickstarter we wanted to manufacture a prototype as close as possible to the final product. Thomas joined the project as a project manager and hardware designer to design the electronics and source all the parts for the robot.

A year after the initial blog post we opened up the Kickstarter. While the Kickstarter was going Thomas started investigating the different manufacturing options, contacting different suppliers and even had a visit in Shenzhen, China to confirm the suppliers.

After spending many months improving the electronics, mechanical design, the firmware and getting the mass-production up and running, the first kits will be shipped out to our Early Birds backers in September 2013. The Kickstarter page can be found at the following link.

Our deepest thanks goes out to all of the backers who supported us from the beginning. Without you, the Balanduino project had never become a reality.

Team members